5 DO’s and DON’Ts to Improve your Blog Commenting

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When you own a website or a blog – doing blog commenting on other blogs in your niche can be beneficial and should be part of your daily routine.

I mean 5 to 10 decent comments a day is not difficult, is it?

There are a few distinct reasons that people make blog comments.

  1. For the all important backlink mix of both dofollow and nofollow
  2. To socialize with others in your niche
  3. Creates opportunity leads to more connections, guest post opportunities and new business
  4. Drives traffic to your own blog drive more visits from other readers, commentators and the author

By far the backlink is what most are after and commenting seems to be a safe and reliable way to obtain safe backlinks from relevant sites in your niche.

blog commenting

Now it’s not just a simple as venturing out into the blogosphere and aimlessly firing off comments at every blog you can get your hands on!

Spend some discovering blogs in your niche and become a regular reader and then start to engage.

Using a Gravator will ensure you will have your photo displayed next to your comment, and after a while your face will get recognized by other commentors and the blog author.

One of my big pet hates are the what I like to call “Ass Kissers” you all know who you are, dropping you comments like

  • OMG what a great post!
  • Excellent!
  • You’re great!
  • Etc.. Etc!

If you’re going to leave a comment make sure it is relevant to the actual post and not just for a quick backlink!

This is  basically the un-written rule of blog commenting.


  1. Do disagree! Don’t be afraid to be controversial or disagree with the poster.
  2. Do cut and paste bits from the original post if it is relevant to your comment
  3. Do be brief and to the point there’s no need to write your own blog post in the comment.
  4. Do Use a real name whenever possible
  5. Do aim for a minimum of three sentences. This shows the blogger that you took the time to actually read the post


  1. Don’t post a comment without fully reading the actual post
  2. Don’t use a blog comment to sell your own product or service
  3. Don’t add an irrelevant experience of your own
  4. Don’t go “off topic.”
  5. Don’t leave links in other people’s comments unless it’s relevant

Do not forget that you are a guest on somebody else’s blog or website. Think about how you would act if you were invited to somebody’s house for dinner and conversation the same etiquette and rules apply.

.. And leave the ass kissing at home

Have more you would like to add? Or maybe you disagree, drop me a comment below I’d love to hear from you.