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Cloud services have come leaps and bounds in the recent years with many companies taking the plunge and moving their file hosting and managing their online backup in the cloud.

The Benefits of the Cloud for Online Storag

There are still many who are confused by the whole new cloud computing era and are still stuck in the Stone Age using external hard drives, outdated internal on-site server storage, and maybe the old favorite floppy disk, OK maybe not the floppy disk but you get my point!

As the move to the cloud becomes more of a reality for more companies and businesses each year, the question is not whether to move to the cloud, but what cloud services are right for your business.

In this brief cloud storage article I will explore the fundamental advantages that outsourcing to the cloud includes.

Global and worldwide access

Many companies have their employees scattered all over the globe either though outsourcing projects, hiring overseas virtual assistants or managerial staff travelling globally for sales meetings.

The need to have a central location for information with the ability to access that information globally 27/7 is very important for a business to stay current and is one of the reasons many companies are switching to the cloud and using cloud services for their file hosting and online backup needs.

Reduced operating costs

When you move over to using cloud services you will quickly notice a decrease in your overall operating costs.

You will no longer have the responsibility or overheads associated with hosting and keeping your own private servers, and maintaining your data storage. All of this responsibility is now in the hands of your chosen cloud service provider.

Next-generation security

Dealing with the ever evolving security issues in-house requires extremely expensive hardware and software beyond the traditional firewall.

By using cloud-based online storage for your online backups your data will be secured with the latest technologies and military grade encryption in most case ensuring your data is safe and secure 24/7.

Many of the best cloud storage services stores your encrypted data on multiple servers, so if one goes down or becomes unstable you still have access to your files in the cloud.


As highlighted in the first section having access to your data storage online and in the cloud is now a must for many companies and having access to your data via cloud services is a must for any new generation business wanting to grow and keep up with the completion where everyone want information now and doesn’t want to wait.


Many cloud storage companies now rely on a certain percentage of their operating power from green technologies like wind, and solar.

Many businesses or companies do not generally have access to these eco-solutions in-house and by using 3rd party cloud services to host their data is a great way to promote a greener company.

Final Words

The above highlights some of the benefits of moving over and hosting your files in the cloud with external 3rd party cloud services.

Using the cloud is becoming more and more of a reality for most and you will find that many of the cloud services and cloud providers are ready to tailor make an online storage package that is custom for your business and right for your file hosting needs.