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Traffic from social media is crucial for any website this days, once a post goes viral it can seriously boost up your traffic numbers in an incredible way – and the best thing – it doesn’t cost you a penny.

of course that a key aspect of that is creating content that your audience will see as “share worthy”
but you also want to make sure its easy for them to do it with placing easy to find and fun to use share buttons at the top/bottom of your content.

luckily if you are using WordPress as your website platform there lots of free and paid plugins that help you do just that!

There are different practices about where to place your buttons, some website owners choose to place their share buttons all over the place , on the top of the article, the bottom , the sides and even sometime a flyover or a popup.

I have a different opinion about it , as we want our audience to share our content – we also want to provide them with a positive experience on our site. overloading the web page with share buttons not only clutter the page and take our audience attention from other things – it also makes your website slower and heavier to load.

For me it makes the best sense to place the share buttons only at the bottom of the article (why would anyone will share content before they even read it?)
placing big and elegant share buttons are the bottom of your content is more then enough in my experience.

Here are some of best social share wordpress plugins:

Jetpack is one of WordPress’s most popular plugins, and it packs a punch. In addition to providing site statistics, site management, and security, the plugin also gives you the basic yet powerful ability to create sharing buttons for your content. It also allows you to create custom sharing buttons.
Similar to SumoMe, Easy Social Share Buttons provides you with the ability to post share buttons on your content. However, there are some noticeable differences between the two.

Unlike the other plugins mentioned so far, WP Social Sharing offers a uniquely flexible set of features. Instead of using images to create sharing buttons, the plugin uses CSS3, making it a particularly lightweight option.

Shareaholic is a different kind of social sharing plugin. It’s a ‘content amplification platform,’ Shareaholic allows you to take advantage of native ads, promoted content, and affiliate links to share the word and generate revenue at the same time.

This handy plugin by GetSocial gives you some abilities that you won’t find in other plugins. In addition to the standard share buttons, you can also create a floating bar for the buttons or include Facebook reaction buttons.

Social Buzz isn’t a vanilla sharing plugin. It adds share graphs to each post you publish so you can easily keep track of how many shares each post receives. This feature is a double whammy – since the graphs are displayed on the posts, Social Buzz says that the feature “empowers your visitors to share by giving them visual feedback of the popularity of posts.”

SumoMe is one of the most popular and most versatile plugins for marketing. When it comes to increasing the amount of social shares your content receives, SumoMe once again steps up to the plate and hits a home run.


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