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forbes.comSEO mistakes and errors are very common among internet marketers.

It all just seems just too easy, you build up a website , put on some content and google will send massive amount of people your way.. ..

but, that's not really the case.
there is a lot of science around that and in this article we will try cover just a few elements that will google understand your website better.

The first step you should take when developing your SEO strategy is determining what keywords you're targeting . While this may seem straightforward, many brands struggle with it.

Keywords, Keywords and Keywords

You need to always ask yourself when creating content – what google search keywords am I trying to target here?

I am not saying that then you need to pile up those keywords on your content
While keywords are important, it's also critical that you remember that your real targets are human, not the computer – and that algorithms (especially Google's) are being updated every day to detect low-value content that is posted to appeal solely to their datasets.

Be Mobile Ready

As more and more people are using their mobile devices and tablet to surf the web – not having your website mobile friendly in 2017 it a major no no

This might be the most common mistake, but brands are going to be paying the price soon enough – Google has already started rolling out its mobile-first index, and it will soon become the dominant algorithm for the search engine. If your brand presence is poor or absent from mobile browsers and the app store, your site will be punished.

If your website is build on wordpress platform there is a very good chance your theme is already mobile responsive but its always worth to take some tests – you can use the google mobile friendly test to make sure google see your website as mobile friendly and avoid any issues.