Facebook is exploring new options for targeted chats

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Facebook explains that “spotlight calls” will allow certain people to respond to a specific post. Their comments will appear separately and move to designated areas. Other users can see the post and comment, but they will not be able to see their answers. Instead, all answers will be placed in a separate tab.

A different way to have conversations

The original post owner will be able to introduce the invitees and have a conversation with specific guests through the new conversations. The conversation will be separated between the conversations between the guests that the post owner would like to focus and the rest of respondents.

This option is very similar in concept to the answer control, which was added to Twitter last august. This allows Twitter users to limit who can respond to their tweets. It also allows them to conduct personal interviews. It makes it easier to keep the main subject in mind and allows viewers to focus on the most relevant profiles for the thread.

Interviews and discussions in the app

Facebook is developing a similar service to Twitter, which will allow users to share chats in real-time. The new function will expand the discussion and allow you create threads with questions and answers, conduct interviews, or provide more information.

Although the add-on may appear simple, it is important because it allows you to reach a wider audience and maximize your responses to Facebook posts and discussions. This will allow users to reply to discussions and take part in them. Moderators can also limit comments and create live chats.

Expanding opportunities without increasing technological capabilities
“Spotlight talks” will give their owners the ability to control the conversation and limit or expand the options at their own discretion. Facebook's latest step expands the possibilities to communicate with the audience through posts and chats, and all this without requiring any technical modifications to the app.

The new feature could offer users new communication opportunities. However, it is currently only available for a select few users.