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Google Ads begins with the launch to increase the appearance of images on stationary devices. This applies also to extensions for dynamic pictures.

The importance of adding an image

Ads can be visually enhanced by adding an image. People are attracted not only to the text but also to the image. This will increase the clickthrough rate and make the clicks more relevant (which will lead to higher conversions).

In a few weeks, the images will also be available in the desktop version. This will allow users to search the home from their desks or at work. This is all happening while users can already view images in mobile.

Mobile advertising image extensions do not require any modifications. Once the change takes effect, the images will automatically appear on stationary devices. It is worth monitoring performance to see if the image has an effect on clicks and conversions.

Update on desktop usage

Google Ads expanded the use the image in mobile ads prior to the current update. The image extensions currently appear only on mobile devices. But, once the update has been implemented, they will be available for all devices. Advertisers will now be able to segment data by device type to determine the performance of their desktop devices.

Dynamic image extensions are changing at the same time. Image extensions for desktop will be added in the update. The most relevant image will be selected, and the ad landing pages will automatically be selected. All this functionality is available in all languages.

Google has added an image library as part of the changes to help advertisers find the image that best conveys their visual message. Select “Stock Images” from the menu and choose the desired image. The selected image can then be cropped to a horizontal or square format using Google Ads.