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at their new blog post SEOmoz suggest by research that going viral will not actually going to juice up your website SEO effort and links as one might thing

The general premise is that great, “rank-worthy” content gets links, which in turn builds up your site’s authority, which subsequently gives a boost to the search rankings of both that specific content piece and the domain as a whole.

And following the same logic, content that does spectacularly well in earning links ought to have spectacular and lasting SEO results.

Sounds great on paper, and it even makes sense when you think about it logically. You build better content that readers enjoy, so the quality of your site goes up, and Google rewards your ever-improving site with better rankings.

They look into the numbers and they are not very glamorous to say the least

Looking at “Money Making” keywords alone, we only see around a 10% jump in SearchMetrics’ Traffic Index for Amplifon SERPs. Moreover, all of that jump comes from a single, very popular keyword (“hearing aids”) which moved up by one position. The Traffic Index for all of Amplifon’s other “Money Making” keywords has actually gone down by -76 between July 31 2014 and August 28 2014.


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  1. Jackson Bowler

    I had a website go viral with ONE post one time about 6-7 years ago. Even though it did not help my site specifically, the adsense generated was nice and lasted for about one month. I also learned a few things during that time, so that was nice!

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