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We love certainty. Definitive answers. Clear and unambiguous directions. We love knowing the “right” way to do something. And we adore guaranteed results. But most of the time, these clear and definitive answers or guarantees are just not available. Not really.

In fact, in many cases I believe that these definitive answers do more harm than good. Sure, a clear answer that leaves no room for negotiation can give you a temporary sense of relief. You no longer have to struggle. Because you know the answer.

But imagine asking an expert for guidance and hearing just three little words:

“I don't know.”

Sit with that idea for a minute. Even if it is a little uncomfortable.

Think about the power of possibility that lies within the simple phrase “I don't know.” Those three little words acknowledge that there is not one right way to do something. Those three little words acknowledge your struggle.

Those three little words mean that the time you spent mulling over the issue at hand, the time you spent trying to figure it out, well, that time was well spent.

When we acknowledge that we don't know the answer to a question, it opens up a world of possibilities.

And it means that we can work together to explore the various options and give one or two of them a try. It means we can be innovative.

We don't have to be confined by what we think we know. We can play around with ideas.

The truth is that I don't know the magical marketing mix that will make you millions. There are simply too many variables to put together a system that will not only work for every single business out there, but will also be sustainable and help each one of you feel good about the work you do.

But the fact that there is not just one perfect system does not mean that anything goes. There are still guidelines and best practices that help lead the way and make marketing a manageable part of your business.

But within those guidelines, you have the freedom to create your own perfect marketing plan. A plan that is sustainable. A plan that is true to you and resonates with the folks you are trying to reach.

Is there anything you've been told you must do to market your business that you just really don't like? Is there anything you'd love to try but just aren't sure how to get started?