What’s the important keyword anchor text?

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In the old days of SEO link building all you really cared about is using the exact keyword phrase you were targeting, you could just do it again and again and you will get your targeted site rank, is was simple as that.

This is no longer in the case in recent years as google had become quite good in detecting unnatural backlink patterns, ask thousands upon thousands of website owners who got vanished from the search results due to their aggressive link building tactics.

This days its crucial to diverse your link building and a natural link profile, where the majority of backlinks are NOT your actual targeted keyword as that is simply unnatural signal.

Adam White posted a great article over at searchenginejournal.com reveling “The Single Best Anchor Text for SEO That No One Is Talking About”

in the article Adam shares with us his discovery upon researching top rank websites and their anchor keyword patterns:

“As I looked at all of these top-ranked link profiles and compared and measured what they had in common, I started noticing one anchor text category that was showing up again and again.

In fact, this anchor text category was the most common among all of the backlink profiles I looked at.

And it was something I had never really given much thought to before.

The most important anchor text was Page Title/Blog Post Title.

It is extremely common and natural to have a website reference another blog post by the title of that blog post, just like you would reference a book by the title of the book.

Because this is a natural way to have another site link to your blog post, you can get many links with this same anchor and it falls into what search engines would expect to see in a natural backlink profile.

This makes it so critical to include key phrases in the title of your blog posts.”

This indeed make a lot of sense, using the actual title of your page or blog post will give you the effect of good links that target the keyword you are after while still not looking spammy.

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