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What are the three most important tracking methods in Marketing: Goals, eCommerce and Events. Get these right and it is very difficult to go wrong!


Step 1 – Use Google Analytics – it’s awesome

So, are you winning? Are you making more money? Has your boss offered you a payrise? a corner office? a new company car? or early retirement? … if not… why not? It is after all pretty easy to improve the number of sales a website generates. The problem that faces us all is proving that we did good and quantifying the good that we did…

The answer is Google Analytics…

I once joked that if you do not have Google Analytics set up on your site that you should get it set up asap! You need to know what is going on on your website and there is no better option than Free Google Analytics. Pop a single piece of code on your site and you are away. It will then begin to tell you lots of juicy information and highlight a whole host of things that can be improved on your site. Thus allowing you to demonstrate your worth and make loads more money.

Add it! Without it you are blind!

Step 2 – What are your Primary goals?

The most important role of your site is to generate a Sale or an Enquiry. Everything else is insignificant in comparison.

Now… let’s see how many of each you are getting.

If your site generates ENQUIRIES use Goals

This is extremely easy. Simply add the URL of your contact/enquiry ‘thank you’ page (the page that people see once their enquiry has been sent) to your goals and then Google Analytics will keep a track of how many enquiries come in.

If your site SELLS THINGS online use eCommerce tracking

If your site has a checkout it is imperitive that you track it to see the revenue that it generates. This is a job for a developer but they should be able to get it sorted in around 4 hours. It is worth every penny of that development time!

Step 3 – Event tracking

So this is a bit beyond the basic but is a very useful way of tracking events that occur on your site that don’t generate a URL (Like you would track using Google Analytics Goals feature). For example you may wish to know how many people clicked on a brochure download or pressed play on a video that you have embedded on your site. Neither of these examples have a ‘thank you’ page. Instead you want to track if they were clicked. The way to do this is by using Event Tracking.

Getting these events set up used to be a laborious task that required bothering your development team but fortunately there are a number of services out there that make it easy to set these up even if you are not very technical…

Analytics Engine

Analytics Engine has a great system that allows non-techies to set up Event Tracking by clicking on the element of the page that they want to track. It only requires the addition of a single piece of code to your site and then non-techies can track away! It’s easy. Check it out.

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