5 FREE Traffic Generation Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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We’ve all heard the old phrase “content is king” yes this is very true and should be the main foundation of any blog or website but is content on its own enough?

My answer is no.

To be honest you need to be constantly working on generating traffic to your blog or website and in fact this should be part of your daily routine, either by dropping by your favorite blog and making a comment or just hanging out at Twitter and engaging in a few conversations over at Google+.

all of these simple but yet effect ways of engaging with your fellow bloggers will get you exposure and not only that you will pick up some FREE traffic as well.


The above are all excellent FREE ways to get blog exposure and for bringing in a few visitors to your site, but the above tips on there own aren’t going to cut it, you need some more ways to generate traffic to your blog and increase your blogs exposure – So here we go!

1. Guest Post for Someone Else’s Blog: write for someone else!

Not only will you gain valuable foot traffic back to your blog you’ll also be able to pitch a few readers from the blog where you submitted your guest post.

By using your guest post on some else’s blog you are basically using their poplar established blog as a platform to market your content and in doing so gaining new readers at your blog or website.

Most blogs that except guest writers will also allow you to embed your blog or websites link and some of your social profiles like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook links as well within a small bio about yourself. And here is your opportunity to get that all valuable backlink! – It’s a win win!

2. Write an eBook and Give It Away!

This idea is a pretty simple concept, you’re already writing content for your own website or blog so why not spend some time on writing your own eBook? To be honest a lot of people just bundle together a lot of their existing blog posts on a certain topic and turn that into an eBook.

Benefits of doing this include:

• Sell your book on Amazon – make a little pocket change

• Give your eBook away as an enticement to reel-in email subscribers

• eBooks are easily and rapidly distributed online

• Increase traffic to your blog

• Establish your expertise

If the above benefits weren’t enough encouragement to write an eBook just think of all the potential traffic back to your blog or website that could be generated from one eBook that has been either sold or distributed around the web.

Just having the eBook out there is not enough – Force people back to your site or blog via links embedded into the content of the eBook!!

3. Blog Commenting: simple, easy, and actually effective

I’m sure you’re already commenting on other blogs in your niche, but thought I would still include it in this list.

Blog commenting is an excellent way to build backlinks both a mix of DoFollow and Nofollow links but not only that you can also generate quite a lot of traffic back to your own site.

This concept is pretty straight forward, find popular blogs in your niche and leave a comment – sound simple? Well just hold on a minute there’s more, your comment should have some value, don’t just spam at as many blogs you can get your hands on – read the article (YES read the article fully) and then leave a comment which is either a continuation on from the actual blog post or at least write something substantial.

99% of blogs and websites will let you include you website URL in the comment process, its simple just write a great “attention grabbing” comment and watch and see the extra traffic trickle in from your comment.

Excellent, FREE – it’s a no brainer!

4. Submit To RSS Feed Directories: Get Your Content Out There on Autopilot

How many of you still submit your website URL to RSS directories?

Do you think it’s an outdated method?

My response is don’t mock it until you’ve tried it! – it’s actually a great way of generating not only backlinks but I have seen a huge spike in new traffic to my sites after syndicating my RSS feeds to 10 of the most popular RSS feed directories.

Using RSS feed directories to submit your websites URL is a great way to get your content out there safely, on autopilot. RSS feed submission websites allow you to create an automated way to backlink and promote all of your future articles from your blog or website that will need no more input from you, once setup – just sit back and let it do the work for you.

Just make sure you submit your RSS feeds manually and don’t submit to spammy low page ranking directories choose the best RSS directory sites and you should have no problem at all.

5. Create a Webinar Series: bring out the Al Pacino in you – or not!

YouTube is everywhere nowadays and videos on YouTube actually rank really well in Googles search results.

Google includes relevant YouTube videos in its natural search engine results as a way to give its searchers a variety media and of possible different paths to explore.

Create a short YouTube video webinar series describing how to fix, help, or solve a common problem for others in your niche, upload the your video to YouTube, add your URL in the description along with any keywords you are targeting and– You’re all set!

Benefits of creating a YouTube Webinar series include:

• Offer a FREE webinar series to reel-in email subscribers (very much like the eBook concept)

• Increase traffic to your blog, via a URL in the YouTube description and or embedded logos and URL in the actual video

• Establish your expertise

• Videos are a lot more engaging that written content and you’ll find a lot more people will follow what you say!

You’ll be surprised at some of the results you will achieve, especially if the YouTube webinar video goes viral.

Final thought:

I’m sure you will agree that these are some great FREE and easy ways to generate more traffic to your blog or website, and not only that the potential for creating some SAFE backlinks is an added bonus to help with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Yes content is still king but you’ll need a lot more than that to keep up in this “game”


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