Optimize Your Blog SEO With this Simple Tips

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Just writing great content does not ensure you will got lots of visitor rushing into your blog.

Yes writing engaging content is a great start but unless you know how to optimize your blog posts correctly – google will have hard time understanding your post topic and won’t show you at the search results.

Here some very basic SEO tips to get you started on the right path:

#1 Choose your title carefully

Your titles and descriptions are two of the most important elements towards having an SEO optimized blog.

The title specifically is the most important element on your on-page SEO factors.

Make sure it contain the keyword you are targeting.

Now don’t go overboard on it, just write a natural good title that will also help your page CTR by being attractive and meaningful to people checking out the search results.

#2 Your post Headers (aka H2, H3, H4)

Following the page title, you page headers are next in line of importance.

when google scan your page – it only make sense that the headers you are using between your text have direct meaning to what your content is about and how relevant it is for people searching for it.

So make sure you include your keywords at least one time in a header.

#3 Make the most out of your page description

Next in line is your meta description. write a simple description of your post, not exceeding 150 characters, and make sure you include your main keyword in it.

#4 Interlink your posts 

Make sure to properly link your posts to each other, using the correct keywords. again don’t over do it and do it as a way to help your readers gain additional info. don’t only think about google when choosing the keywords.

#5 Optimize your images

When adding images to your post make sure you use the “alt” code and insert the keyword you are targeting.

Google bot can’t read images and by using the alt code you again help him understand your content better.

#6 Speed up your site

Website loading speed is an important SEO factor this days. if your website is too slow to load it can cause some serious damage to how love google is going to send your way.

make sure your website code is properly written , that you using cache plugins and that your images are optimized for quick loading.

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