Why fan engagement is crucial for your Facebook page

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Social media is no longer thought of as a passing fad. It’s carved out a place for itself for both consumers and business owners.

Any business not using social media is falling behind the times and risks losing relevancy among consumers. On the other hand, a business using social media ineffectively can hurt their reputation just as much.

Many businesses, especially small business believe that having a social presence and gaining “likes” is enough, but it’s not.

A “like” is really only the beginning of the process. A “like” is the easiest thing a user can do, which is why it means very little and everyone does it.

If you posted a cute picture of a kitten, you’d get lots of “likes,” but it wouldn’t translate to anything more.

Remember it’s SOCIAL media

Fan engagement on social media is what essentially drives traffic and potential sales.

Why? Because consumers are bombarded by advertisements almost every second of the day, to the point where they’ve built up an immunity to seeing advertisements in passing.

But if you can engage someone with a poll or a question, then you’ve gotten the consumers attention.

The secret to social media that many people seem to overlook is that, for social media to be effective, one must be social.

One of the points of social media is to personalize your brand. This is most easily and effectively done by having real interactions with other people.

When you begin to personalize your brand, you’re letting the consumer relate to you and not just your brand.


Some people like to prescribe to the 80/20 rule for social media accounts like Facebook. That’s 80% engagement, personality, photos, ect, while the other 20% is for actual marketing of products.

This model works because it lets the brand show its human side, while also gently reminding consumers they have a product for sale.

After gaining a users attention, creating personal connections is the next step in turning that user into a consumer.

Creating personal connections means more than just replying to a comment and how exactly you decide to do it, is entirely up to you.

You could be commenting on other peoples pages, posting personal pictures, sharing videos of employees or commenting on pop culture trends.

You can even try being a bit controversial, but being too controversial can be a bad thing. The only thing you should avoid is being inauthentic.

Putting it together

There are essentially four types of Facebook engagements: like, comment, share and click. Like is the simplest to achieve. Comments are welcome. Share is the goal. Clicks are for the 20%.

Ultimately, you’ll want people to share your posts to raise your brand awareness, so that when you do advertise, it will generate a click to your product.

If someone already likes and comments on your 80% posts, they’ll more likely share and click on your 20% posts.

You can’t set your social media account on autopilot. People know when they are being interacted with by a bot.

By opening your brand and giving it a real personality, you will increase your engagements, which will more likely turn into a sale.

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    There is a lot to be said about how Facebook can help a company. I like to use Facebook for my wordpress sites and for the most part, it goes me another place to post content that my blog is about. This is a good article!

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