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There are always many speculation about the future of SEO. every year someone declare that SEO is dead, that the future is not good for the industry etc. But it seem that SEO is here to stay and the spending budget is actually only growing from year to year.

In his latest article on Kevin Lee suggest that SEO/SEM is going to surge  mostly due to the junk content that is constantly increasing and scaring advertises from being associate with those “fake news” sites, therefor prefer spending their effort and budget on paid and organic search:

“Based on what I’ve seen across my diverse set of clients, and talking to others in the industry, I’
m predicting 2017 will be another great year for paid search.

One of the reasons is a bit unusual: a flight to quality online media driven in part by “fake news,” “Methbot” and advertisers’ realization that they prefer not to have their advertising associated with those sites, don’t want their advertising positioned with that content, and in some cases have ethical concerns about supporting the publishers.

That’s great news for paid search — because when we think about trustworthy sites and publishers, where the context of the page won’t reflect poorly on the advertiser, there’s nothing better than SEM. I’ve even spoken to advertisers who proactively raised SEM budgets while cutting back on display surgically (with an eye to low-quality and fake news sites).”

This does make sense, you can also add the “ad blocker effect” that discouraging many business from putting too much effort on display adverting for the simple reason many users who uses ad blockers simply don't see them – and there you go, SEO and SEM is indeed here to stay. 

You can read the complete article following this link.