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There are two types of domains that are no longer useful. The first is a domain that was previously registered in someone's name and used on the site. The other is a domain that is still registered in someone's name but has not been used at all. This domain is also called “Parked” and many purchase them.

The authority of an expired domain

The questioner in the conversation wanted to know if there is an advantage to using a domain with a past and more correct, whether choosing such a domain will help the site enter the Google index faster and enjoy a higher ranking. The questioner said that he has had a domain for four years. Previously, he had a website but he removed all the content from it and left only the domain. Now the questioner wants to return content to the site and he wanted to know if using a domain with a past would give him an advantage in terms of Google.

Müller replied that there is no advantage to ranking the site due to the use of an expired domain. “If all the content was downloaded from the site several years ago, Google will probably need to re-evaluate the site and understand what it is about.” Therefore this is not a strategy that can be relied on. That is, it is not possible to rely on the domain simply because it was previously used for a site that had content.

Specifically, Muller said to the questioner that he estimates he will have to rebuild the entire site. He further added that this is similar to starting a business, the same or different after years of closing. “If you had a business that closed four years ago, reopening it will not necessarily bring you customers. It's rare for customers to say they remember you and yes, they will now prefer your business over other businesses ”.

Muller noted that in his opinion reopening a business, identical or different, is rare in real life and similarly Google does not give an advantage to a domain that has been active in the past and has not been active for some time. This is also the reason why it usually does not make sense to buy an expired domain in the hope that the purchase will bring some bonus.

Anyone who goes back will see that in 2003 Google changed the perception of the “used” domains. Once the domain has expired, Google resets the effect of the links and the previous ranking of the pages.