What is RankScience?

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SEO automated software are nothing new but most of them practice in somewhat more “blackhat” type of SEO or at least some grey area.

RankScience is different in the manner as they claim to be purely whitehat and going along with google guidelines.

Their system is based around A/B testing and tweaking your website to see what perform best on the search results.

In their latest article “RankScience wants to replace your SEO staff” ‘tech crunch' interviewed the maker of the software and here is some of the highlights he told them about RankScience:

“Our software identifies areas of opportunity and things that companies should be testing based on where they’re ranking now, what they’re competitors are doing, and what opportunities we see. And also this data that we have from across our network — things that we see that are working elsewhere on similar sites.”

“Our product is the only piece of SEO software that actually does work for you. So instead of creating tasks for engineers or product managers, our software actually handles the work for you, and executes for you. Because we’re a CDN — we can actually make changes to your pages. And other products can’t.”

RankScience not only carries out A/B tests for its customers, it also identifies which SEO experiments to run — although at this point it’s not yet fully automated that part of its process. So it remains to be seen how they can scale that, and what impact fewer “human inputs”, as Bednar puts it, will have on the results it can deliver for customers.

It does sound like an interesting product for sure but I don't see it replacing human touch and eye for details, it is something I would be happy to try and test for myself.

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